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About Us


Our company grew out of a need at our own clinic, The North Portland Wellness Center. As an acupuncture, Chiropractic and Massage clinic, we do a lot of bodywork and cupping. In the last few years, we started incorporating Silicon cups and needed a product that we could use in our own clinic that would help the cups stay on the body and allow for the cups to move and glide over the body. At the same time, we were getting patient requests for a topical CBD product for home use. We starting making the balms and had such a great response, we saw that we had something really special. And the company was born!

Founded by an Acupuncturist and small business owner, Annabelle Snow, LAc, and creative botanical entrepreneur Nicole Mercier, our Company is founded on collaboration, creativity and community.

As much as possible, we're sourcing locally, including getting our essential oils from Liberty Natural Products in Clackamas County and our Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD from Iverson Family Farms in Woodburn, Oregon. 

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